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Japanese nurse blowjob

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Teacher exposing her boobs

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Captain needs to cum

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As a captain of a ship, responsibilities can be overwhelming. The tension must be dissipated somehow, right? Guess who’s in charge of that. You are soldier, you must make captain cum so many times that she forgets her name, you must pound that pussy hard, lick it, slap it, make her feel good. That’s an order! You can’t forget the rank though, your dick does not have the permission to touch captain’s pussy even though it’s hard as a rock and wants to play. This kind of cosplay sex brings JpCosplay to the top of my favorites.

Golf lessons with a dick

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A great ideea for a cosplay sex video from JpCosplay, golf lessons with a dick instead of a golf club. Well, those lessons are not cheap and this is indeed a good way to pay for them. If the instructor says that you must hold firm, than you grab that dick and squeeze it hard, also grab the balls and make sure they are taking care of. Bend over a little bit, the holes must be revealed and tested while you get to the part where you lick and suck the “golf club”.

Housekeeper cleans more than the house

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The house need a housekeeper so that everything will look good and clean. Speaking of cleaning, I thing that there’s one more thing that needs her attention. That is the bosses dick! Of course, it needs special attention and a thoroughly cleaning process which involves tongue, lips, hands and definitely less clothes on the maid. This is more than a cosplay sex game, is something every maid should do! Grab that dick, suck it hard, lick it all the way to the balls, make it shiny and clean and maybe you’ll get a raise.

Guess which hole will be filled first

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How about a guessing cosplay sex game? Her eyes, hands and legs are tied and she must guess which hole will be the first to receive a dick in it. Don’t be hasty, just move your lips along her body close enough for her to fill your breathe, insist on whatever part you want but don’t touch her, just a little torment with the surprise element. When she least expect it, make your move, catch her by surprise and put your dick wherever you want, as long as you don’t forget that she’s helpless and depends on you.

Babysitter needs a raise

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A father gets home and catches his baby sitter sleeping, forgetting why she is there in the first place. A good thing to do would be to fire her, but she begs in her knees for that job, and she offers one job more: a blow for the daddy. How can a man resist that? Well, after a few seconds she’s in the middle of the action, sucking a hard dick, playing with her pussy and pinching her nipples. After this amazing fuck it’s pretty hard to fire her, I think she actually needs a raise. Check this cosplay sex on JpCosplay.

Nurse is getting a vaginal check

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I’ve seen some great cosplay sex on JpCosplay, but this one must be one of the greatest. You don’t have to imagine what this nurse gets, it’s all there. One of the best japanese asses bends over and takes two toys for a big pleasure, after a thrilling round of pussy licking. Her screams makes you go nuts, the way that ass is shivering while getting all that vibrant pleasure makes you want to go in there an put your dick to work. Nevertheless, watching her cum so many times can make you cum by just watching.

A very naughty schoolgirl

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The naughty schoolgirl is more than a cosplay sex, it is a fantasy. That young pussy comes home and doesn’t finish her homework, she has a bad mouth and she just waits for you to put her back in her place. Well, she will learn what her place is after you give her a good spanking and take her ass for a ride. Not very much can be learned from this, but let’s be serious, that’s what she actually wants, a hard dick in her pussy and a good licking to finish the job.